Super offer

Super Spring Offer

Spring is here and it's time to go shopping! 1 kg of CBD hemp flowers at the incredible price of CHF 500.- Several varieties available. You just have to contact us!


Kokopelli seeds

Kokopelli seeds, spring has come! Semenze Kokopelli An explosion of diversity! Despite the latest cold wave, the landscapes are tinged with green, the first plants sprout from the ground and the bees pollinate the first flowers ... Without a doubt, spring has arrived! Come and visit us to find your favorite strain. GO TO...

Artistic Recycled Trash

Recycledesign – ESPO

Esposizione in negozio fino a estate 2021 Leonardo Caduff My name is Leonardo, I was born on February 12, 1985 and I have an agricultural background. Since I was a child I have frequented urban landfills, collecting various objects. I spent days observing and comparing the characteristics of the objects collected, putting...

Richard Art Glassware

RICHARD GLASSWARE Richard Murer was born in Locarno on November 8, 1967. In 2003 he began to get passionate about the artistic working of glass thanks to the meeting with Camilla Quadri, Mastro Vetraia owner of the Atelier “Vitrearius Magister” in Claro. During his long collaborative "apprenticeship" in the atelier, Richard...

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Calanca Swiss Herbs

Our collaboration with Calanca Swiss Herbs is born! Calanca Swiss Herbs Our research is mainly carried out in the field of folk medicine and naturopathy, in the production of plant extracts used in aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, spagyria, Bach flowers, phytotherapy, balms, massage oils and cosmetics. Essential Aromatic Oils and Waters represent an ancient product...