Gravity United SA

Gravity United SA (GU) was born and developed with one of the simplest corporate and non-corporate philosophies; the sharing of KNOWLEDGE and OPPORTUNITIES.

The GU group operates on its own in various specific sectors, working alongside external professionals where the skills or infrastructures cannot guarantee the high quality SWISS MADE suitability of the Products and Services offered.

A 360 ° professional and qualitative VISION, primordial input that the founders are obliged to demand and profess from their collaborators and to look for in their partners.

The know-how acquired allows to search in every area the maximum effectiveness between the different ancient and modern techniques and those developed by us with integration and study.

Pharma - pharmaceutical research

A philosophical reinterpretation of PHARMA that aligns the different “DRUIDE” knowledge related to the correct use of MOTHER NATURE.

GU gravitates and relates to the pharmaceutical reality, embracing international and non-international research projects; the sharing of KNOWLEDGE creates new OPPORTUNITIES and can revalue ancient healing techniques based on eco-solidarity principles.

Gravity Labs

The R&D is fundamental for the identification of new frontiers and operational areas where “to search” qualitative, ethical and ecological challenges that allow the diffusion and experimentation of new OPPORTUNITIES.

Scientific analysis alone can allow a correct development: studied, analyzed and stabilized in a clean, precise and targeted way.

Gravity Farm

The PRIMARY / AGRICULTURAL sector represents the greatest challenge where our MISSION leads us to search for the most effective / efficient and ecological production and selective methods, respecting the centuries-old natural traditions of skills and knowledge handed down by our ancestors globally.

Gravity Care

Taking care of each other, the strongest towards the weakest, the wisest towards the most insecure,….

Increase the sense of solidarity sharing of OPPRTUNITIES, of a sustainable, balanced evolution, but above all made available to all.

Anti Gravity

The RECREATIONAL and RELAXING aspect is essential for every living being.

Conceptually, the search for ANTI GRAVITY to fully experience the present, shifting some classic balances.

Gravity Art

The ARTISAN creates from what he finds on his path, feelings as well as emotions, this is the value of every WORK OF ART, without prejudices or barriers … free the mind beyond any limit.


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